Cheryl Ruffing

Lilacs and Linens

One of my nebulous goals is to become adept at creating digital art in Photoshop. Every now and again, I take a baby step in that direction. Here’s the latest: a photo shot yesterday with the K-1 and Velvet 56 that I combined with a texture I created from a shot of a vintage linen.

Velvet is not an Easy-Care Fabric

I need to get my eyes checked, and one of these days I will make an appointment with the eye doctor. Until I see him, though, I’ll wear my reading glasses when I read (not something I usually do) and my other glasses when I drive (something I always do). After spending some time with […]

I Wouldn’t Fold it Right Anyway

I sometimes forget that there is no map. While I have a nebulous notion about where I might be headed in life, I do not have a clearly marked set of directions with a dotted line and an X marking the spot. When I pick up a book like Jon Acuff’s Start, Seth Godin’s Linchpin, […]

Start Again

I’ve been ignoring many areas of my life lately, especially those involving anything that might fall into the category of art. Picking up the camera is a chore I need to check off the list each day. Writing doesn’t happen (not even in my journal). If I go so far as to reach for a drawing pencil, […]

Faithful to the Art

I just happened to catch a tweet from Def Leppard plugging an interview with guitarist Phil Collen about the band’s album Pyromania. I love what he says here about the way they recorded the album (with producer Mutt Lange): It was unheard of in rock music. Because in that world it was always like, “Well, […]

It Has Taken Most of My Life

A little less than a year ago, I started a blog that felt like the real deal: The Ruff Draft. It’s still alive and well (getting two or three new posts a week, on average). For the first few months, my tagline at The Ruff Draft was “Where I feel free to fail.” I needed that […]

Progress of Sorts

In my last post, I wrote about my “Start Over” Journal. Now I’m here to give you a peek at some of the pages. Overall, I’d have to say that I did make an effort, at first, to change my artmaking ways, but old habits pretty quickly took over, and I’m fine with that. At […]

How Am I Doing?

Back in September, I one day left the house a little early to pick up my daughter after her shift at Barnes & Noble (she has since gotten her driver’s license). It was time for an art journaling fresh start, and I needed (OK, wanted) a fresh journal. Attracted to the blank pages, relatively simple […]

Calligraphy, Ink, and Water

I follow a number of calligraphers on Instagram, as watching their words come into existence fascinates me. Yesterday, @gourmetpens posted a video of her writing with a music nib. Not knowing anything about music nibs, I decided to investigate these juicy writers and tracked down this post. One thing led to another, and I wound […]